9 to 5 or 9 to Eternity?

I‘ve watched a lot of videos on how to get rich in real estate. And I am just going to be honest here. There are people who will tell you to keep a 40 plus hour a week office schedule. Forget the gym, never mind the kids. They will tell you to prospect 5 hours a day and log 150 calls. They will tell you to answer your phone at all times. It’s a sin somewhere in the real estate life manual to take a vacation. They will drill conversion rates and lead purchasing.

Let’s talk reality.
If you are into draconian coaching, then have at it. I have been doing this for over 23 years, and I have had weeks where I worked 70 hours plus. I have also had weeks where I puttered around my house, done yard work, had lunch with friends and maybe barely logged 5 hours at my desk. You know why? Because I decided to get into real estate so I could have a life and not be tied to the cubicle to nowhere.
We all get into real estate for different reasons and I want to have an honest conversation about the whys. It takes a lot of courage to do our job. First, it’s commission based. Pure unadulterated commission – wait for it…….. we then pay the company we work for to work there. Seriously. This is is the most insane idea ever. We then drink the commission split conversations and cap rates like a dehydrated camel and tell ourselves that we got a good deal. Then we beat ourselves up for not maintaining regular office hours and taking a Sunday off to be with people we really want to be with.
I started my coaching business to change the way real estate agents treat themselves. It’s really hard and always worrying about your next commission check can get really old really quickly, not to mention how much it sucks to see your commission check come in only to see what got taken out for admin fees and other bullshit stuff.
Most likely you aren’t going to change the company you work for and their perspective of what they are taking – because they will tell you how generous their splits are and how awesome their website is driving all those qualified leads to you. Ever noticed how many agents jump ship yearly? They shift from company to company to get a better split or a better cap. Some agents figured out that they are better off staying put because having to reorder business cards and new signage and losing an email address is just too terrifying.
So you ask, well, what’s your point Rasa? I already know it’s a racket. And I am glad you asked.
Let’s just break this all down. You are paying them and that’s just the nature of the beast, at least for now, until someone figures out a better way to build a mousetrap. I am into how to give you the paradigm shift of knowing your life, not just your splits.
I am going to challenge you to watch as many coaching videos and trainings as you can stomach, (get the Pepto) however this time you are going to look at YOUR reality and YOUR goals in comparison to what they are teaching. I love goals. LOVE goals. Because that is your map to finding out what gets you up in the morning (with a smile and not a grimace). If you want to be a millionaire in the first year – then maybe you are going to have to put in 70 hour weeks, get three assistants, two buyers agents and cold call 150 people a day. But the real goals in life, collaboration with colleagues, time with family, building a business that thrives, taking time to learn more about your craft, education and YOUR HEALTH are way more important than putting numbers on a board.
Don’t get me wrong, putting numbers on a board is a great way to see your progress and a great motivator.
I’ll talk about that later, But assessing your real goals and then objectively listening to what “successful” real estate agent professionals are saying and then applying the valid information to helping you reach those goals is the key. I go to seminars. I furiously take notes on everything they say. I put the notebook on the shelf when I get home and then some time later take it back out and get busy with a highlighter. After the ramp-up and euphoria that comes from the seminar dissipates I am left with loads of 1-10 lists of which items 1 and 2 may apply to my unique situation. If I can get 1 or 2 then I didn’t waste my time. Plus I met some other really cool people and have new friends. Maybe even a referral or two.
So, before you chastise yourself for not eating lunch at your desk or cold calling 150 people in a day, ask yourself what it is you are trying to achieve, and if it’s to just put numbers on a board (and what numbers are these really?), then we really need to talk. You need to know what you are doing this all for, because 9- eternity may not be your gig and in this business it doesn’t have to be. That’s for you to decide.