Begin with you!

When you left your last real estate class and got your license, did you say to yourself, “wow, this is going to be hard.”

I don’t believe you did.  I believe that you walked from that testing site and you were so full of ambition and verve that you went home and celebrated your new career that was just opening up for you!  You walked into your new office, set down your laptop and were ready to take on the world.

So, what’s so hard?

You never thought for a moment that this was going to be hard.  At that point, maybe you took some of your office’s coaching programs, you went to the board office and got your login for MLS, you learned how to search, to create portals.  You learned how to do a CMA.  You have all these awesome tools.  You just need to start.   

So you heard all the training out there that told you to start calling FSBO’s (they eat their own young don’t they?), door knock, cold call, call your friends and join a church.  I’ve heard all of this, and frankly I bought into all this as well.  You began to think that you were failing, before you even started.  The gimmicks creeped in like, a big and fancy contact management system, and some Zillow leads and loads of online profiles. At the end of the day you felt drained and confused, because you didn’t get anywhere and you have a lot less in the bank then when you started this process.

There are times that I wish I could go back and tell my twenty-something self that all this stuff isn’t what makes a successful real estate agent.  If you look at the people who are really good at real estate, spend time with their families and friends, and have time to go do fun things, they will all have the same thing in common.  They were themselves.  

Now, I am not saying that big bucks in marketing won’t make you rich, and that is a true statement to some degree.  If you have the money to spend on huge billboards and marketing budgets, then you are on your way on a different path.  But for the majority of agents, this is not the luxury that is even remotely realistic.  

What’s the message???

The beginning is to start with you, so, your message about you and only you can know your message.  Get in your own head and figure out what you bring to the table and what you have to offer people.  Are you good at helping people see the diamond in the rough?  Are you good at crunching numbers and making investment properties a success?  Are you good at helping families really determine what neighborhoods would be great for raising a family?  Do you love golf?  Do you have a passion for farms and land?  Are you amazing at customer service?  Do you love skiing or fishing?  What is it you and only you are really good at, for instance take a moment and write around these questions.

  1. What do I love to do?
  2. How can I make myself different than the other agents in my market?
  3. How can I put that into 100 words or less?

Define that message.  Write about it, blog about it, scream about it on social media and talk about it to strangers at the grocery store.  Whatever that is about you – you – your authentic self – that beautiful, wonderful thing about you that YOU can do for someone is what your business is about.  That, my friend, is your passion.  And that is where your business begins.  

Don’t worry about what everyone else is doing, as it is really of no consequence.  That old adage about keeping an eye on the competition – well – blink a little.  Trends and market conditions change.  But your message, what you do and how you do it, with a fierce passion will start creating your mark.

You need to get your message out there to people.  So that is where you begin.  Write it down and focus on that every day.  Create your own scripts and elevator speech.  Business development begins with you and what you believe in.  You are running a business.  You are your mission and you are your product.  So begin with you.