Rasa Love

Dynamic, innovative creative and successful agent in her own right sharing her ability to step out of the life of scarcity and into a life full of abundance and joy. She brings 24 years of real estate experience and a hands-on understanding of the corporate structure of different real estate companies. She can help identify the pitfalls and unattainable fantasy agencies create for agents and help agents identify their own challenges created by the scarcity mentality so prolific within these environments.

Rasa has worked in several large real estate companies including Better Homes and Gardens, Century 21 ReMax and now Keller Williams. She has also owned her own firm and worked in resort sales in coastal North Carolina. She has now settled into an environment of growth and teamwork and has found that her experiences are paramount in coaching other agents to discover how to balance the life we must have in real estate and the life we want to have that real estate affords us to live. No other profession gives us the freedom of time and money. It’s what we do with those resources that give new breath to a life of joy and abundance. There is no other profession like ours.