Ethically Speaking

Motivating factors. We walk into a situation hoping that everyone has the same ideals and motivators that we have. As I write this, I am assuming that as we proceed along the path of a successful transaction, the players all have the same goal in mind – to give the clients the best experience they could possibly have, treating all parties with respect and keeping their interests in the forefront.

What happens when someone we are working with loses sight of this?
I have struggled my entire life with people who are less than honorable with their intentions. I personally have railed against others who can’t seem to understand that real estate is so much more than getting that commission check at the end of the deal. At the beginning of a purchase, I always remind myself that I am handling, not just a sale, but moving people in and out of something that grounds an entire family, their home.
It doesn’t even seem to matter if it’s an investment property, a home that has been in the family for decades or a beach house that was the source of a lot of wonderful memories, real estate is a part of us. Land ownership is a part of human history and wars are settled with dividing up countries. This should shed a little light on how very important our roles are.
Real estate agents are the first line of defense for handing off property to another party. In the United States, our roots go back to merry old England and our jobs haven’t changed much since we first came over. Agency is a part of our long history of being human. We speak for those who need guidance and direction on how this process works.
With that being said, just by definition, we should honor our role as real estate agents and do as has been defined by the Code of Ethics we are bound by.
What bothers me the most frankly, is that we even NEED a Code of Ethics and that the National Association of Realtors(r) requires us to take a class on this every so many years to remind us to be honorable. Seriously, we need reminders? We need to be reminded to live in our best and highest good? Golden rule? To treat others with respect and kindness?
This is the crux of the relationship piece of a real estate transaction. There are a lot of people involved in a transaction. Clients, agents, loan officers, processors, appraisers, attorneys, inspectors, tradesmen, paralegals are all the players. If just one of these parties begins to act outside the parameters of decency, the entire process becomes difficult and painful and this creates friction with everyone else. Everyone depends on everyone.
I wanted to remind my readers that there are people out there who are just in this business to make a buck, who don’t care about the clients, the transaction, the home or the people working to make it all happen. They don’t care how their actions affect others. They only are looking for their next paycheck (or worse). And this is why we have to stand strong in our own principles of accountability, kindness, compassion and aptitude. We have to understand our own motivators and continue to do “good” work as we navigate our own lives, and at the end of the day, represent our clients, their best interests, and the best interests of all who we are working with.
We are here to serve and with that mindset, good things will come.