What did you accomplish today?

So, I’m asking the question….what did you accomplish? I am sure that you could respond with a laundry list of tasks that filled your to-do list making you feel accomplished, however what did you REALLY accomplish? Who did you meet? How did you wake up? How did you SHOW up? Are you stressed? Do you have too many obligations keeping you from what you want?

These are the questions you should be asking yourself on a daily basis; every morning when you wake up and your feet hit the ground the first question that should pop into your mind is “what do I want to accomplish today”? That one big accomplishment should follow you like a sunbeam through the rest of that day with all your to do’s surrounding that big thing.
Have you taken the time to determine what you are doing? Have you broken down your dreams into goals and then into steps? To do’s? Have you thought to identify those steps? Can you turn off the noise to help you focus on the tasks at hand?
Finding time in the day to learn to focus inward to begin to hear your inner voice directing you to your life work and passion becomes increasingly difficult with the ongoing noises of our daily grind, but learning to tune into your inner voice is the first step in learning to find your dreams and passions, then your dreams begin to bubble to the top.
As a real estate coach, I am here to help guide you through the labyrinth of the real estate world, help you create balance and perhaps even determine what those life goals really are.