Workshops and Monthly Coaching

Learn to Climb the Mountain Together! – Team Building Workshop

This three session workshop is created with the team concept in mind.  Bring your team to the table! This workshop begins with a skills assessment that is designed to increase the understanding of an individual’s talents.  We then use this information to help each team member understand their relationship with the team as a whole and with each member. Communication skills are honed and synergy begins. At the end of this workshop we include a half day experience designed to test the newly found skill set and test what was learned in a fun and challenging outing!

Stepping Stones – An Individualized Approach to Setting Goals and Achieving Them!

This is a great workshop designed for independents who would like a group setting to create accountability and gain momentum in their business.  We cover issues of time management, accountability (prepare to find a partner!) and the importance of finding time for self-care and friends and family.  This is the perfect workshop if you are finding yourself stressed all the time and in constant need of re-charge, but can’t find the time to do it.

Strengths and Purpose

This two session workshop brings the use of skills assessment to gain a better perspective of your own talents and communication ability.  Designed for groups of independents who would like to gain better insight on what strengths they bring to the table and what could be improved upon.

Finding your Voice!

Struggle to present well in front of new clients?  Get a little stage fright? This workshop can help!  Designed for teams and individuals who would like to gain a little self-confidence in the public arena, speaking in public, or just sitting down at the kitchen table with potential clients.  Learn to own your space and your words, and make those words matter! This is a fun 4 hour workshop designed to get you out of your shell and speaking with ease.

Real Estate Coaching

Looking for more accountability and success in the day to day?  We offer affordable bi-monthly coaching beginning with sales and skill assessment. We then provide an individualized coaching plan to help you get to those goals faster and with a heavy dose of self-care.  This is not template coaching but we get to know you and your personal goals. You’ll have a clear picture of where you’re going and how we can help.