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Create a life of balance and abundance.


About Rasa Love

Rasa Love and Company was born from a time of struggle and scarcity.

Founder, Rasa Love discovered that real estate, in general, was a cash cow for the owners of real estate companies and offered the new or even seasoned agents very little support, both financially and in business and personal development.

Agents are expected to be entrepreneurs, business planners and IT personnel along with maintaining licenses and keeping up with continuing education both required and elective. They must have a strong knowledge of agency law and be familiar with corresponding paperwork. They are to be marketing experts, have knowledge of SEO, AdWords, maintain a plethora of websites and online presence and understand all the greatest and latest technology. They also must sell a house or two to make it all work, and in the end, there is usually very little left of the commission check. Agents then have to turn around and do it all again.

A real estate career is born in scarcity. From the first day, an agent is bombarded with gimmicks, gadgets, must haves, must dos in a constant comparative culture that pits one agent against another in the firm with rah rah office meetings that glorify the successes of some to make others feel inadequate and insecure based on sales numbers that can be adjusted a myriad of ways.

Each independent contractor, agent, freelancer has their own story, their own loves and passions. With good guidance, each agent in an office can come from a place of abundance and joy, and learn how to avoid the pitfalls of the agency they work for and the feelings of scarcity that is an integral part of the success of the agency that sometimes exploits and takes advantage of the agents that make the agency successful in the first place.

My goal is to  help create a life of balance and to help you follow your own path to create a career that is fulfilling and sustainable.  I want to change the culture of real estate because there is no other profession like ours that affords us the opportunities that we can create for ourselves. I will help you find your way, in your time and help develop your own creativity to bring you balance and hopefully joy in this sometimes stressful business. I will give you the tools of not only how to communicate with your clients, but get more deals to the closing table, and the end result…help you attain a more fulfilled life.

The Rasa Love Difference

I work within eight target areas that will give you what you need to take the next step to a more productive and healthy life.

I take the focus off the agent driven formulas and bring a breath of life back into your whole life which, in turn, will allow for more momentum and better, long term relationships. I will give you the tools to help you. I promote healthy lifestyle, eating habits and wellness. I embrace holistic methods and want to help you gain a clear understanding of your motivations and provide a coaching program for the individual, you.

Everything I do falls into one of the 8 categories below. Mastery in each of these areas will help you create a better and more centered life. With some guidance from me and daily practice of the tools I provide, you will find your life more manageable and the people around you happier. My eight main areas of focus are:


Promote an attitude of self care in the client. Without taking care of ourselves, we lack the energy to engage in our life at our best.


Shift from agent focus to client focus. This allows for better relationships with the people we serve (and the fellow agents we work with).


Promote better communication and listening skills. I will help you be able to say what you need to say and how to say it as well as help you feel more comfortable speaking in groups.


Promote better listening skills. We can master communication with the knowledge of what our clients want.


Identify challenges with time management and help you catch the time bandits.


Identify what your true motivations are.


Create momentum.


Create accountability.

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